As the famous saying goes… it takes 21 days to form a habit and I will have to agree ?%.  At day 20 of this challenge, it was no longer a struggle for me to get out the bed, change to gym clothes and go complete my workout.  #whoop Surprisingly, I have been looking forward to my workouts recently, because it creates time for me to relax and decompress after a long day of work, which is definitely needed in my field.

For the remaining 37 days of the challenge, I’m going to incorporate different exercises and also focus on my food choices. For example, last week I tried Stairmaster for the first time ever. Yikes!!! In the words of my friend, she would say, “Did you die though?” Lol. Nah, I didn’t die,  but I wish someone would have told me the key to being successful at Stairmaster is to only put about half of your foot on each step which, I unfortunately had to learn the hard way after my shoe was stuck a few times.

While this challenge has been fun and a test of my commitment, I am glad that I have a huge support system cheering me on.  The random text messages saying I completed 2 miles today, or the IG message stating someone has been working out with me since day 1 of the challenge are encouraging. Air hugs to all of you guys!

Special s/o to the ladies in my group chat participating in the challenge, you guys are the real MVPs. ??? There were a few ladies who completed a 10 day smoothie cleanse, woke up at 5am for boot camp, completed a 5k and also set new fitness records for themselves; you guys are truly amazing!!! ?

Well until next time…Have a great day and a better week! – Unknown

This week’s post title was inspired by Insecure that has returned for season 2. Yay!!!!