As someone who has lofty goals and ambitions, I’ve come to realize the importance of asking for help. I know so many of us including myself hate asking for help, but let me assure you it’s normal and the way God designed us. He wants us to live our lives within a healthy community of people who can do life with us. So of course like most of my blogs, I have an example for you of when I had to ask for help.

Storytime: On Easter Sunday, I had on a beautiful dress; however this dress had a long zipper down the back. I practiced the night before zipping the dress up successfully by myself. Now Easter morning comes and I’m attempting to zip my dress by myself and I can’t finish it. I even looked up YouTube and TikTok hacks and it wasn’t working. So, at the point I’m frustrated and on top of this, I’m running the risk of being super late for church with a half-zipped dress. I decided to grab my purse, keys and run to my car with my half-zipped dress and figure it out in the church parking lot. While this was not ideal and I don’t recommend this for anyone else – as soon as I pulled up to the church I found a single woman, ran to her car, and asked her to help me zip my dress, which she kindly obliged in assisting me.

I know this may seem like a small ask, but if you can’t ask for help for small things – it will be harder to do when the task is larger. Think of all the ways you could benefit from something someone else knows which could be beneficial to you. It’s nothing wrong with stating, “Hi I need help with… can you assist?