Fix Your Thinking

This weekend I went to hang out with some friends at a restaurant. So, like some of you I love to plan what I am going to wear in advance in hopes it will allow me to get dressed faster. However, I quickly learned you can have a plan, but it may change real fast. Okay back to the story. lol. As I changed clothes on Friday night and put on my dress because I absolutely love dresses – my zipper broke on a brand-new dress. I attempted to try on my back up dress, but I didn’t like it.

After the dress mishap, I took down my hair and realized my curling rods didn’t curl any of my hair. In fact, my hair looked a hot mess. At this point, I am frustrated, and I had a whole melt down. My initial fixed though mindset was to cancel everything! But, after quickly pulling myself together I snapped out of my fixed mindset and thought of how can I apply a  growth mindset to this situation. What can I do to enjoy the evening and how can I improvise with my hair? Well, if you swipe over, I share a picture of my outfit and my hair. I’m thankful I was quickly able to change my thinking and focus on a solution vs. the problem.

QOTD: How can you apply a growth mindset to a challenge you faced today or even over the weekend?

My favorite quote: It always seems impossible, until it is done. – Nelson Mandela

We may make our plans, but God has the last word. Proverbs 16:1