I love being around bodies of water, such as a pool or my favorite body of water, the Carribean Sea.
Sidenote: If you ask me I know I’m like 3% Carribeanish. lol. (Yes, I made up a word.) I can’t pinpoint what island in the Caribbeans I’m from, but my ancestry has to bring me back here.

Story Time:

I am currently in the Virgin Islands in St. Croix. So, the other day I took a day cruise to turtle beach. On the cruise, the staff offered free snorkeling lessons, so I decided to take the lesson. The guide was super sweet and patient because I was high- key scared.

The Test

After my snorkeling lesson in “shallow” water, we got back on the boat to go snorkeling further out, in the deep blue sea.
Now that I had my lesson I was pumped about snorkeling. I put on my snorkeling mask, snorkeling fins and life vest and sat on the bottom step as the guide instructed me now go ahead and jump off the step and grab the life ring.

Ummmmmm, that’s when things got real “real”, extremely fast. ?
First of all, I told him I couldn’t swim, so I wasn’t jumping anywhere.
So, I sat there on the last step of the boat and watched him wait for me to jump. After a minute or so, he said, “You aren’t going to jump are you?”, and I said, “Nah, not today.”

Reality Kicked In…

After this, I climbed back up the stairs and went back to the top deck of the boat and went back to my #comfortzone. Everything in side of me told me not to jump because of the fear of the unknown.

What if I fell? What if I drowned? What if this life vest doesn’t work?

1. I wasn’t going to drown, I had on a life vest and was grabbing a float as soon as I let go of the railing.
2. I had two trained staff members with me who would have saved me at a moments notice.

But at that moment, none of this mattered to me. All I seen was a lot of terrifying beautiful water.

My pastor says this quote often on Sunday mornings, ” If all you see is what is to be seen, then you do not see what all there is to be seen.”

At that moment, all I saw was frightening water. I couldn’t see past the opportunity to learn how to snorkel with help and enjoy watching the beautiful fish in the water.

Often times in life we may have a big idea or a dream for a company, but we are afraid to jump and just do it.

So, jumping for me was literally letting go of the rails on the boat, grabbing the life ring, putting my face in the water and laying out straight. The guide literally was going to do everything else so that I could have the experience of snorkeling.
Now jumping for you maybe sending an email for a potential business venture, taking a class to learn a new skill, blogging, writing a book or starting a new hobby.

In conclusion

Regardless of what your fear is, if you could see Jesus standing beside you right now, do you think you would be afraid of anything?

Scripture of the Day: 1 Timothy 1:7


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