Black Culture is: Our Music

Music is powerful. Music moves your heart, mind, and soul and even changes your mood. Music is a way to connect with others and is such a vibe. To be honest, I have my best cleaning days when I turn on some music and find a good playlist.

In American Black Culture music is a staple at every event from family reunions to birthdays. Family reunions are filled with line dances because it isn’t a family reunion until you do the electric slide. And let’s not forget about birthdays -y’all know we are going to sing the Stevie Wonder redemption of the song.

Even when you are singing at church, the runs on a solo hit a little differently and run a little longer. We will remix a song and combine them all into one and before you know it you have a 3 min song that turned into a 15-minute song. (But who’s counting?!!!) lol – me. 😂

The fact that we have our Black National Anthem, 🎶Lift Every Voice and Sing. 🎶

I mean – what more can I say!

From hip hop, rap, r&b, the quiet storm, blues, reggae, gospel, etc. – there’s music for everyone.

A good drum beat even without music – you can feel it in your soul.

Whether I’m saying, “It’s 7 o clock on the dot” or, “ You make me happy, this you can bet… someone will always jump in and finish the song.

I’ll leave you with this fun fact about my favorite artist and see if you can guess the artist.

“How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within”.

Our music is a part of American Black History.