In a world full of copy cats, the world needs you to be original. If someone doesn’t like you because you are being your authentic self, keep it moving boo!

I remember when I first decided to go natural, I was unsure exactly what I was going to do to my hair, but I was tired of straightening my hair every other day when I worked out and said I would at least try the natural thing.
It was intimidating at first because there are so many natural products, I’m like where do you even start. Lol ? So, of course everyone had opinions and advice, which was very much appreciated.

However when people are telling you to do the big chop and they have a ponytail and u know if u bigged chopped u wouldnt even have an oxtail you have to be your own Be-YOU-tiful. I realized I had to make a choice and I decided my Be-YOU-tiful meant keeping my hair with the two texture.

???LISTEN “they” had a lot of advice, but “they”were not going to be struggling with my hair on the weekends when I’ve spent 2 hours watching youtube tutorials and my hair still didn’t look anything close to the girl in the video.? My twist outs were just out, so I passed on that.?????
I decided to get sew ins and wear bundles or get crochet braids until I felt comfortable with my hair.

One of my favorite quotes is: To thine ownself be true. – Hamlet

Be true to you and what you like.

If bundles make you feel Be-YOU-tiful then bundle up.
If your natural hair makes u Be-YOU-tiful then rock it!

Beauty starts from within and it is displayed outwardly with your persona.

So on days I think I’m cute cute, I’m contacting my sisters and friends and sending selfies.

??????Like u need friend to gas u up!!
What is gassing up?

Welp, I’m glad u asked. The urbandictionary describes gassing up as: To give someone an ego boost, to swell up their head with compliments.

I’ll give you examples:
If I know my friend was working out recently and loss weight I’ll say:
So you are going to walk in her with no waist? Like ur whole waist disappeared. Yassss boo!

With my sisters: okay did boo! #done
We have our own sister language. Lol

And of course I gas myself up:
Sooooo you just decided to be cute cute today. Lol.

What makes you feel beautiful?

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Psalms 139:14 KJV





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    Yesss hunty!!! #DID

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      Thank you! #done

  2. Thanks for this positive post ? Also, I love your necklace!

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      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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