When I hear the word alignment, my mind quickly thinks about my car tires. Like some of yall when I check the alignment on my tires, I will take my hands off the wheel for a few seconds to see if my car veers to the left or right. If it doesn’t, I’m like cool my alignment is good.??

I also thought about the root word “align” but changed it to “a line”. When I was in elementary school, we had red tape put on the floors of the hallways to remind us to get in “a line” when we were exiting the classroom to go to another class, lunch or recess. I remember when some of my classmates didnt adhere to the teachers instructions and purposefully didnt get in “a line” we would have to wait, therefore we had less time for lunch and or recess and had to maximum the limited time available.

I was reading a devotion a few weeks ago by Tauren Wells called Known in the bible app. Tauren Wells did a great job of illustrating what happens when we are in alignment with God’s purpose and will for our life. The beautiful thing about alignment is you can easily visualize when something isnt aligned. Either you are aligned or you are not.

Every now and then, just like with anything else we have to self evaluate ourselves. God are my actions aligned with the plans you have for my life or do I need to veer to the left or the right because I am out of line or not synced with you. If we are not properly aligned, we may delay blessings and plans that God has for us until we are back properly aligned to receive them.

Just like I take my car to get a tune up, I often do pulse checks for myself to see how I’m doing spiritually and physically. Am I praying, spending time with God, doing devotions, or is all of my time being spent on social media?
What do you do to check your alignment in life? Do you have check ups in place for yourself?

Job 23:11 My foot hath held his steps, his way have I kept, and not declined.

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  1. Tish says:

    Well done. I check in with Holy Spirit often to ensure I’m properly aligned, but sometimes He sends me a “warning light” by way of a feeling, a knowing, or even dream, etc. to let me know something requires attention. I’m connected to Him, so my heart is assessible.

    1. wrenhowsway says:

      That’s a perfect way to check. Thanks for reading ?

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