Where’s the Lie?

Whew chile, trying to date in 2019 is an experience. Some of the guys are “interesting”. 不不不不 I think that is the best word to describe my dating experiences lately. Lol.

Here is my list of growing questions to ask on dates.

Storytime: I went on ONE date with a guy and afterward the date, the guy assumed we were dating. No, sir, this isn’t how this works. 徉I realize the dating world has changed drastically in the last couple of years. I guess I’m old school, texting is cool, but I want a guy to call me if I’m interested in them. Now days, a follow on social media and liking a few of someone’s picture is considered someone showing interest. Interest is cool, but where is your effort boo? Lol. 撾儭Even in the short amount of time I have dated, I think the key thing to dating: is to treat someone with the same respect you would want someone to give you and to ask the right questions. #communication

1. Are you married?

2. Are u legally still married? (2 different questions) Lol.

4. Are you dating?

5. Are you in a relationship?

6. Is there anyone who believes you are in a relationship with them?
7. Do you have kids?
8. How old are your kids?
9. Did you sign your name on any birth certificate(s)?
10. Are you engaged?
11. So you have a situationship?I know some of these questions may seem comical, but guys have an interesting way of responding to them. As I continue to date, Im still focusing on myself. I dont feel pressed to jump into anything. Im taking suggestions at additional questions.
What are some questions you ask on a first date?

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.凌胡ames 1:5 胛JV砂砂


  1. Renisha says:

    It’s sounds funny but this dating scene is a hot mess at times lol!

    1. Lawrencia Lockhart says:

      Yes it is!

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