Waking up to the smell of blue magic hair grease, eco style gel, a hot comb burning on the stove and curling irons in the bathroom was my family Sunday morning ritual getting ready for church. Growing up in a house with six sisters was definitely an experience I will cherish for ever.
Going to church together was one of our fondest memories. Our mother took us to church faithfully and we would often arrive before the deacon could even get to the front door  to unlock it. We went to Sunday school, bible study, weekly revivals and if we couldn’t attend church for some odd reason, we had church at home. ???
The older ones combed the younger ones hair and ensured we were ready for service. Other frequent memories we experienced together are from learning movie quotes and gospel songs. I can easily text any of them randomly right now and quote, “Til you do right by me, everything you even think about will fail” and they will finish the next line from the movie, The Color Purple.
With so many girls in the house, there was never a dull moment. Someone was always telling a funny story, blaming someone else for something they did wrong and forcing others to watch something on television we probably didn’t want to watch.
Sisters are your first friends and older sisters are sometimes a second mom. lol My sisters and I fought and made up, formed alliances with each other and probably fought some more. ???? My only fight that I can remember is with my sister, I will admit that I was in the wrong.
Story time: So one of my older sisters was cooking a bologna sandwich in a pan, (the funniest thing is you can’t pay me to eat any type of pork now) ?? , but she was taking too long cooking for me, so I decided to speed up the process. ? Me being the nice sister that I am gently removed her bologna out the skillet and placed it on the stove and put my bologna in the stove so it could cook. I don’t remember much of what took place after that, I can’t even say who hit who first, but we did fight. lol.
With a total of 7 girls in the house including myself, we all had 7 distinctive personalities and gifts. You would think that there are a lot of similarities with the same mom and dad, but nope we are all so different Some are quiet, others are loud, some are fighters, but one thing we share in common is that we all love each other and we have each other back. If you messed with one of us, you pretty much messed with us all. I used to wish that I had an older brother to be over protective, but sisters can be just as over protective as well.
My sisters are irreplaceable. For some crazy reason, God felt that I needed 6 of them. It is not often that we are all together, but we still have family hair days, where you text everybody and we will all meet up at someone’s house and get your hair styled as you would prefer for free 99. Sometimes, they often get on my last nerve, like the very last nerve, but I still love them dearly. Although, I spoke about my sisters, I do have one little brother, who is amazing!


  1. Rashun Lockhart says:

    Hahaha… The Bologna incident was price less I stood back and watched. ? But I love ya. By the way I’m still ride or die for ya.

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