It’s Cuba!

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba for my friend Brittany’s birthday and it was an amazing experience. Both of the ladies I traveled with names were Brittany, so my nickname for the trip was Traveling with Brittany 2.0 or Adventures with B- Squared. I enjoyed trying to speak my limited Spanish, seeing the beautiful people and emerging myself in another culture.
My favorite thing about traveling to other countries is that you can hear so much about other countries through different media channels, however that is second handed information or sometimes someone’s biased opinion passed down to others. In order to truly understand or have an opinion of something, sometimes you have to experience it for yourself.

So, here is my top 14 things I learned or observed while being in Cuba.
1. I loved the classic cars from the 1950s and 1960s. I even rode in a 1957 Ford.
2. The Cuban citizens were beautiful and very welcoming.
4. There were children outside playing instead of being stuck inside on social media or video games.
5. The Caribbean sea was amazing.
6. I enjoyed all of the Cuban cuisine. The honey glazed chicken, plantain chips and pico de gallo and chicken tacos were my favorite.
Sidenote: I wasn’t a fan of plantain prior to my trip, however the plantain chips were so good that I ate the entire bowl by myself.
7. The wi-fi was limited or unavailable. In order to access the wi-fi on some places you had to purchase a wi-fi card and then go to a wi-fi park.
8. Some of the Cuban citizens were extremely resourceful; things we would throw away, they utilized for storage. For example, I usually trash my water bottle after consumption ir recycle when available. Some used the empty water bottles for food storage.
9. There were no fast food restaurants.
10. I learned to watch where I was going. Some of the streets were uneven and there were holes on the sidewalk that were uncovered so, it was easy to trip or possibly hurt yourself if you werent careful.
11. Safety is my main concern when traveling to other countries, however I felt extremely safe in Cuba.
12. There are 2 monetary currencies in Cuba, the CUP (national currency) and CUC (Cuban convertible peso). The CUC used by most tourist is like the equivelance of 1 US dollar. The CUC is worth 25 times as much as the CUP.
13. The popular drink in Cuba was the mojito. I tried a mojito and it was pretty good, although I prefer less mint leaves.
14. There is rich history in the country. The architecture of the buildings date back to the early 1900s and the designs were intricate. Although the buildings were old and many unkept due to the revolution that took place, the people were some of the happiest I’ve seen in a long time.

I enjoyed my trip to Cuba and look forward to my next adventure. Where are you traveling next? Or where would you like to travel?

The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.
Psalms 121:8 KJV

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