Leggo My Ego


Ladies, this weekend I had to try on a pair of jeans to make sure they still fit. Have y’all tried on a pair jeans lately? 😂 Anywho – That’s not what I wanted to chat about. Lol

I wanted to talk about examining your heart. I’ve been on this journey examining my heart for the past few months and asking God to reveal things to me that I can work on. Once I become aware of something, I take time to examine the issue, determine the root cause and pray about it so I can try to exhibit more God qualities.

Story time: I casually brought this topic up last week in a post, but I want to elaborate a little further. I’ve noticed occasionally I like to be right when I’m talking. For example, when I have a conversation with someone and they say something wrong – I have to immediately correct them like I’m the conversation police. 😩 #thatissoannoying

First of all – why do I feel the need to correct them and secondly, when I correct them what do it prove? It proves absolutely nothing. I had to come to grips with a very harsh reality for myself – its an ego problem. #OUCH

How do you address any problem?

You go back to the source – “the Bible”. God designed it so that it really has an answer for EVERYTHANG! So, in addition to reading the Bible about scriptures about my heart, I am also practicing the shut up spirit. Sometimes, I have to caution myself to be quiet until I can speak things that are edifying to others. Y’all, it isn’t easy all the time, but I know with practice it will be second nature. 

Question of the Day: What is something that you are working on to better yourself?

Scripture: Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

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Natural Hair

I grew up in an era where relaxers aka perms were popular. Once I start working out I realized it was counterproductive for me to continue to relax my hair. My workouts made me sweat, so I had to straighten my hair almost every day, which made it severely heat damaged. I eventually made the decision to stop relaxing my hair, but it was a process. I wore braids, crocheted hair, and sew-ins until I was comfortable with my length of hair.

Often people would say girl, just rock your hair, but forget it’s YOUR hair. Lol. And on top of that sis, did they forget the expense of natural products? Two products can easily run you $25.00 – and let’s pray those products will work on your hair texture. Sigh…😔 I’ve learned you and I are the only people that have to feel comfortable with how we decide to rock our hair. I’m grateful that I am now fully comfortable with my curly coils, silk press, my baby fro and my weave. All of them represent me and I love every one of them, however, it took time to get to this point. Often times social media glamorizes girls with looser curl patterns because their hair appears easier to manage but, there is joy in learning to fully embrace yourself. I am still on my journey to grow my natural hair to mid-back length and I love my 4B/4C low porosity and low-density hair.

P.S. Remember God cares about everything, he even knows the number of hairs on our head. #howsway

“And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.” Luke 12:7 NLT