Biblical Story Time: The Story of the Wise Woman

Biblical Text: 2 Samuel 20

I selected this story because I had never heard of this story in the Bible until earlier this month. Like a whole head?!!!
My limited summary: There was a man named Sheba who stated he wanted nothing to do with King David. King David heard about this and wanted to take care of Sheba quickly before he became an issue.
King David initially sent Amasa to take care of Sheba, but Amasa was stabbed and killed by Joab.
Instead, Joab and his army pursued Sheba and learned he was in Abel of Beth – Maachah.
Before Joab and his army entered the city, a wise old woman stopped them and asked how could she help.
Joab told her release Sheba and we will leave. The wise women gathered the people in her city together, they beheaded Sheba and threw his head over the wall to Joab.
Joab kept his word to the wise women and left and returned to Jerusalem to give the head to King David.

*Disclaimer you have to read the story to get all the details. *

Crazy story right! Have you heard this story before?
Watch my video for more details! Video link in bio!!!
Share your thoughts and any other biblical story recommendations!


  1. Jazzy says:

    Never heard this story before. I’m for sure going to go read about it in the Bible. Thanks for sharing.

    1. wrenhowsway says:

      You are welcome!

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