60 Day Challenge

So last week, I decided to start a new challenge in which I would work out every day for the next 60 days, for at least 30 minutes a day. Crazy right?!!!

I concur. Why a 60-day challenge some may ask? Great question! I chose 60 days because it was 60 days until my birthday and of course I want to be in great shape for my day!

Today is my 8th day and I still have 52 days to go.  lol

I’m so grateful to have amazing friends that decided to join in because they definitely make it worthwhile and more exciting.  We get to challenge, encourage, and share workout tips,  recipes, and motivational quotes. I love these gals! I also can’t forget my boo, who encourages me and workouts with me almost daily!

The first week of this challenge consisted of a smoothie cleanse, hiking,  jiggaerobics, turbo kickboxing, weight lifting,  cycling,  walking,  running, basketball and so much more.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. T. Hubbard says:

    Nice read! This is quite a motivational step – more so than motivation to workout, but motivation to stay consistent. I think it’s often difficult for goal-seekers to build up their grit muscle. 60 day challenges – whether for physical health or otherwise, offer such a rewarding experience. Good luck on your 60 day (and beyond) journey! Happy writing.

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